“The child must be in the driving seat, the coach is there to provide the map that keeps them driving”

Youth to PRO Soccer was founded by Alan Brainin 

Both coaches found it necessary for youth soccer players to be able to develop in a pressure free environment for greater results and improved outcomes.

Youth to PRO soccer is for players that are serious about their football, they want to go all the way to the top, they give 100% in training and are passionate about the game.


They live and breathe football, they love learning, they cannot wait to get to their next training session, to their next match, they have fun because they are doing what they love – football!


Our sessions replicate the modern game – they are intense. This is how the game is played:

Speed – Agility – Quickness – Decisions – Physical – Technique – Focus – Confidence - Positive.


Our players WANT the ball, the team TRUSTS them with the ball, our players make things HAPPEN between the white lines
and they want the ball back AGAIN!



A great coach will make his players see what they can be,

rather than what they are at present!


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